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redIT, a wholly owned subsidiary of KIO Networks Group,  is a telecommunications company that specializes  in mission-critical IT services with presence in the USA, Mexico, Spain, Panama, Guatemala and Dominican Republic.

With more than 19 years of experience operating high-capacity connectivity networks, redIT is  a connectivity leader in Mexico. The company owns  a fiber optic network in major cities in Mexico and the United States. redIT makes business connectivity an experience that is completely integrated, secure and provides unlimited  transmission rates. redIT. We connect your world with the rest of the world.



After 19 years in the connectivity world, we are certain that at redIT we can connect anything we want.

We connect businesses, we connect people, we connect dreams, we connect conversations, we connect buildings, we connect countries, we connect the imaginable, we connect the unimaginable.




We began operations in 1996 as Metronet. A concession to operate as a public telecommunications network allowed us to build our own fiber optic network in major cities.

Subsequently, we entered the data center business and developed a broad portfolio of managed services. Xertix formed in 2001; we acquired Diveo Internet Mexico in 2009; and in 2010 we expanded internationally with the acquisition of Castle Access, a technology company with 2 campuses in San Diego, CA. That same year we consolidated the group companies under the brand redIT.

We strengthened our expertise in 2012 by adding PROTGT, a firm that specializes in computer security.

In 2013 we launched DataPark, a technology campus located in Tultitlan, State of Mexico. The facility had capacity to house 8 data centers and required a total projected investment of $120 million.

In 2014 the acquisition of redIT by KIO Networks Group was completed. The combination of these two companies created the most specialized group of data center infrastructure, IT services and telecommunications services in Mexico and Latin America.

Since 2015, while redIT is responsible for the connectivity business and fiber optic networks, mission critical IT, on-demand services and infrastructure management operate under the KIO Networks banner.

Mission critical information technology, on-demand services and infrastructure. We have 32 Data Centers located at 13 campuses around the globe to meet the demands of your.

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